From low environmental impact raw materials.


HEPA filter, wich holds up to 99% of viruses and germs, inc. SARS-Cov2.


Build the BUBLING that suits you best.


System tested by certified entities.

A new space, unique and flexible.

BUBLIING is the answer to the constant search for privacy and tranquillity. Available in three sizes and in infinite combinations. With a unique range of solutions, it was designed to adapt to the most varied scenarios and to be able to be customized specifically for you. Our mission is to create more welcoming, attractive, cheerful and functional spaces. By creating comfortable spaces, we believe that people can do their best and use their full potential. A welcoming space, provides privacy, with the greatest acoustic comfort, without interior reverberation or noise from the outside space. Whether in the workplace, in an industrial setting or in public spaces, you can now enjoy peace and quiet in the midst of constant rush – welcome to your bubble.

Thinking about the environment.

We want to do more for our planet.
We created BUBLIING from raw materials with low environmental impact and greater longevity. Most materials are from natural origin, recycled or recyclable.

Thinking about quality and safety.

BUBLIING cabins have been carefully designed to ensure comfort, quality and safety for those who use them. We chose to use the largest number of components of natural origin or with low environmental impact.

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