Thinking about quality and safety.

BUBLIING cabins have been carefully designed to ensure comfort, quality and safety for those who use them.

We choose to use the largest number of components of natural origin or with low environmental impact.



Wood and Fabrics

The wooden components are only made of birch plywood and we do not use any chipboard or MDF.
Some components of the furniture are even made of natural oak and give an extraordinary look and comfort.

The solid structure with round corners is provided by the base and top with the 30mm birch plywood and the 4 aluminium pillars. Its design with rounded corners, combined with the glass glued to the aluminium frames of the door, the glazed wall opposite the door and the opaque panels facing the aluminium pillars, provide a clean design without recesses, in which all elements are aligned and with minimal clearances. In one of Bubliing’s collections we can have the entire cabin covered with fabric on the outside, except for the glass, which in addition to its incredible design gives an additional soundabsorbing surface to the normal noise of a work area, improving the overall sound environment of your office. Inside, we have the combination of wood and fabrics that surround the acoustic panels. All our fabrics are of ecologically responsible origin, 100% natural wool, 100% from recycled plastics or 50% from recycled plastics and 50% from garbage collected from the oceans. The floor is covered with an 100% natural wool carpet.


To create a peaceful and private environment that enhances concentration, BUBLIING cabins were designed to provide comfort and privacy.

The acoustic capacity allows outside noise to not bother you and neither your conversation will be perceived from the outside of the cabin. Its interior consists of sound absorption panels that provide an environment without reverberation and maximum comfort. The walls have recycled foams of acoustic insulation of high performance and efficiency.

All systems have been tested by certified entities.


The ventilation system was developed in collaboration with IteCons with a maximum capacity of 22l/s, also guaranteeing the soundproofing of the cabin. Although the indoor air is always the same in the surrounding space, our system includes a particle filter as a standard so that the air inside the cabin is cleaner.

After each use, the cabin increases the fan speed so that the air is completely renewed, so that the next person to enter has the best experience possible.

After the last use, the cabin is paused, but the ventilation is always running at minimum speed, ensuring that the air is always clean and fresh inside.


The cabin can also be equipped with a certified HEPA filter, which holds up to 99.9% of viruses and germs, including SARS-CoV-2. The air escape is controlled in order to have the interior of the cabins slightly pressurized, functioning as a truly clean and safe space. To complement the Hepa filter system, an interior disinfection system using UVC certified lamps was also developed, in collaboration with IteCons.

BUBLIING desinfection system is activated after each use and disinfects the entire interior space, air and surfaces, in just 3 minutes, leaving the cabin perfectly safe so that the next user can be more comfortable enjoying BUBLIING without having to worry about possible contagions.

Led lightning

The LED lighting turns on automatically when someone enters, it has a pleasant light in neutral white of 4000 K. As an option, another type of led can be provided in other light temperatures.

Mobility and fixation

All cabins have levelling feet with adjustment from the inside and level bubbles embedded in the bottom tray making installation very simple. They are also equipped with high load capacity casters, so you can easily move them around and place them in the best place in your workspace, responding quickly to the needs of the moment.

As an option, the cabin can be supplied with a system that allows it to be fixed to the floor. Regardless of the other forms of transportation, the cabins can always be moved with the aid of a pallet truck or forklift.


BUBLIING cabins are connected to a simple socket via a power cable that is supplied and ready to work. Inside, they are always equipped with a standard SCHUKO socket and two USB ports.

With solutions adapted to each type of use and model, it is possible to add or change these power inputs, for example using HDMI or Ethernet.


After the assembling of any BUBLIING, in order to use it, just connect it to a normal socket and all systems are ready to operate.

The fan starts the constant interior air renovation process at minimum speed. Upon entering the LED lighting is automatically activated and the fan increases to normal operating speed. Schuko and USB sockets are always connected and available. When leaving the cabin, the fan increases to fast speed and after 90 seconds the system is put on pause, always keeping the fan at minimum speed, ensuring that the internal air will always be fresh.

The doors of the BUBLIING cabins are made of 6mm security tempered glass glued to an aluminium frame, they can be equipped only with a handle or with a lock and key. In the case of several units in the same location, there is still a possibility that the locks are prepared to open with a single master key. We can also equip BUBLIING with a numeric code lock opening handle or with a magnetic card reader system, ensuring that only those who are authorized can use it, for example in public spaces.

Outside there is a presence indicator in green or red led that indicates whether the cabin is free or occupied and can be seen from anywhere in its space.


The guarantee of a long product life is obtained with regular and careful maintenance. In BUBLIING cabins, so that its performance is always the highest, it is necessary to take care of them as they take care of you and your teams.

All internal and external surfaces can be disinfected with conventional surface disinfectants. For a complete cleaning process, it must be started by vacuuming all surfaces at low-medium intensity.

Acoustic panels, furniture, ceilings and carpets must be cleaned with cloths slightly moistened with warm water and must not be rubbed too hard in order to prevent damage and worn on surfaces. If they are stained, they must be cleaned immediately using a cloth and non-abrasive detergent, never use detergents with bleach bases. Fabrics must not be removed and machine washed for this purpose.

The glass surfaces can be cleaned with conventional glass cleaner detergents and the rest of the exterior surfaces, structural pillars and opaque walls, can be cleaned with detergents to clean neutral surfaces. In all cases, use clean, soft cloths to avoid scratching and damaging the surfaces.

It will also be necessary to replace the filters that equip the cabins. For this purpose, and to ensure the quality and safety of the cabins, this service must be performed by certified professionals. In this situation, consult BUBLIING after-sales assistance, we will take care of everything.

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