More than 5000 combinations entirely customizable. Fully customizable, to open doors to creativity and respond to the needs of each person, BUBLIING cabins are available in a wide range of colours and refinements. 

You can choose a predefined configuration, choosing any of the models from the 8 collections or configuring it as your choice through the finish cards. It is also possible to respond to the most extravagant and unique needs. If you want an unprecedented BUBLIING, contact us. There are two limitless truths, your creativity and our ability to respond to your wishes. The collections were created to easily be able to choose which finish your BUBLIING looks best on.

The guarantee of a long product life is obtained with regular and careful maintenance. In BUBLIING cabins, so that its performance is always the highest, it is necessary to take care of them as they take care of you and your teams.

All internal and external surfaces can be disinfected with conventional surface disinfectants.

For a complete cleaning process, it must be started by vacuuming all surfaces at low-medium intensity. Acoustic panels, furniture, ceilings and carpets must be cleaned with cloths slightly moistened with warm water and must not be rubbed too hard in order to prevent damage and worn on surfaces. If they are stained, they must be cleaned immediately using a cloth and non-abrasive detergent, never use detergents with bleach bases. Fabrics must not be removed and machine washed for this purpose.

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